Auto Aftermarket Industry Key Influencers of Consumer Purchasing Decisions

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Indonesia’s aftermarket has huge potential and many opportunities. It is important for new market players to understand the characteristics of Indonesian consumers.  Consumers are highly influenced by mechanics at workshops. Mechanics and OEM recommendations are most influential for out-of-warranty users, as they are perceived to have a wide range of parts and wealth of car maintenance knowledge. By 2020 over 11 million passenger vehicles in Indonesia will be out of warranty, providing a significant opportunity in the automotive aftermarket.

Mechanics, being at the front line of workshops, have a direct influence on consumers when they discuss issues relating to cars. Mechanics generally have a good ability to distinguish quality and specification differences between genuine and non-genuine parts (please see image).

OEM manual books and authorized dealer recommendations are also perceived to be very trustworthy as these come directly from vehicle manufacturers. Consumers tend to call dealer mechanics to seek their opinion on which non-genuine brands are recommended if genuine parts are unavailable.

AutoPro Indonesia provides a new platform for aftermarket brands to meet mechanics from independent workshops, branded service centers and authorized workshops. This will a great opportunity for brands to build relationships and establish new networks with those workshops.


Source: Ipsos Business Consulting, 2016

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